Area 5 Bloody Pen

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Area 5 Bloody Pen is a quarterly contest and challenge project for the Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood fandom. We hold quarterly events for writers in the fandom by issuing challenges based off of a specific theme’s or criteria. The goal of the project is to inspire writers in the fandom to come up with new stories and to promote authors who participate.

The Admin Team

Suzymienen – Chief Contest Runner/Website Admin
AmericanAndroid – Artist/Contest Helper/Website Admin

The Queen of Delicious
Naima Demars

Contests – 2015

2015 Mid-year contest (Jul. 25th – Oct. 31st, 2015)
Day of the Dead Contest – Contest Closed


2015 2nd Quarter (Apr. 1st – May 18th, 2015)
AmericanAndroid’s Historical Fiction Contest – Contest Closed

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